Hello chads and strong, sexy ladies

DC admin here sending an email for Tom.

First thing's first: All orders have been shipped. If you did not get your order or a tracker, contact customer service on site messenger. Also, take your flacking unboxing video when you receive your order, please.

We are opening today for ONE WEEK ONLY BEFORE WINTER BREAK.

That means November 15th to November 22nd. One week. That's it.

This week's orders will start shipping November 22nd and finish shipping November 25th.

We are extending the 40% off coupon this opening only, and then Tom will likely be taking a VERY much deserved, long-needed Christmas holiday break. So if you want some of this DC fire, you need to order ASAP.

Pay with Bitcoin if you can as Cash App is not guaranteed to work right now.

P.S. Did you know you can send Bitcoin using Cash App*? We have a new helpful page (updated video too!) showing how.
* If you have a new Cash App account, it may say it will delay your payment for 5-7 days.

You can also use cash at a bitcoin ATM for same-day transfers but the fees are higher so take an extra $10-$20. Go to the bitcoin ATM, confirm your phone number if needed, then place your DC order in your vehicle selecting Bitcoin as the payment method. Screenshot the QR code to show the bitcoin ATM later. Save the Bitcoin address as a backup if the ATM can't read the QR code.

Then go back inside to the Bitcoin ATM and send the bitcoin. Your order should process automatically in about an hour (usually) and you'll get an email when it's complete! Contact us if no email after 3 hours.
If you're confused, search YouTube shorts for "How to use a bitcoin ATM" to see some examples.

DC Admin
(Please do not reply to this email unless you have website error questions or bitcoin questions)